Abnormal Security

Defining the Artof Cybersecurity



Secure email gateways and built-in security protection within Microsoft and Google struggle to block socially engineered attacks that pass reputation checks, have no links or attachments, and appear to come from trusted sources.

Abnormal profiles known good behavior and analyzes more than 45,000 signals to detect anomalies that deviate from these baselines. Only Abnormal precisely blocks all socially engineered and unwanted emails – both internal and external – and detects and remediates compromised accounts.

Abnormal provides total protection against the widest range of attacks including phishing, malware, ransomware, social engineering, executive impersonation, supply chain compromise, internal account compromise, spam, and graymail.

Key Benefits of Abnormal

One-Click Deployment
via API

• Integrates with multiple Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace tenants in minutes with one click and no disruption to mail flow.
• Doesn’t change MX records or policies.
• Automatically profiles VIPs, end users, and vendors.

Simplifies your email security stack

• Eliminates the redundant email gateway layer and re-enables and enhances Microsoft’s cloud gateway capabilities.
• Unifies entire inbound email security defenses, from email hygiene to zero-day advanced attacks.
• Leverages behavioral AI to enhance the threat intelligence-based protection offered by cloud email providers and secure email gateways.

Streamlines SOC operations

• Automates email triage, remediation, and reporting.
• Integrates all cases, including auto-detected threats and user-reported emails submitted to abuse mailboxes.
• Automatically analyzes and triages cases.
• Remediates threats and compiles detailed explanations of attacks.
• Natively integrates with SIEM and SOAR tools.
• Enables analysts to use search and respond to rapidly contain missed attacks or misdirected emails with sensitive information.

Integrates Insights
and Reporting

• Provides analysts with security insights and reports that inform overall security posture from a single pane of glass.
• Centralizes metrics, insights, actions, and the management of global block lists in one place, across hundreds of tenants, for both Microsoft and Google environments.

Improves employee productivity and email experience

• Provides a native Microsoft email experience that eliminates spam digests and portals.
• Learns end users’ preferences as they move emails between inbox, spam, and promotional folders.
• Personalized understanding enables delivery of incoming emails directly into their mailboxes, giving end users an immersive email experience without digests or portals.


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