LogPoint for SAP

Defining the Artof Cybersecurity


Fully Integrate SAP Information into SIEM for Continuous, Automated Monitoring & Automated Incident Response

LogPoint for SAP Bridges the gap between SAP and SIEM. It provides a broad set of SAP extractors that feed SAP data, such as database data, system settings, logs and events from various SAP security sources into SIEM.


To detect and respond to fraud and cyberattacks, organizations need to monitor the entire network, including IT infrastructure, cloud applications, and business-critical SAP systems. SAP is one of the most critical applications in an organization, and it is often not part of the security monitoring solution.

LogPoint for SAP bridges the gap between SAP and SIEM solutions. With LogPoint for SAP, organizations can continuously monitor their SAP data to detect threats and maintain compliance within SAP.

How it works

LogPoint for SAP is a bridging technology that integrates SAP landscapes and different types of SAP data into SIEM. LogPoint for SAP is based on a three-tier architecture model with a collection, administration, and analysis layer. An extended security analytics pack categorizes events and has a large set of predefined SAP-specific event correlations for different security domains.

LogPoint for SAP also has an SAP-specific security intelligence pack that provides detection scenarios, visualization, and notification, and delivers alerting rules, reports, and dashboards.

logpoint-how it works

Key Benefits of LOGPOINT FOR SAP

One central security
monitoring solution

Organizations can monitor and track SAP events in near real-time throughout the entire IT environment, increasing cybersecurity posture.

Reduce the impact
of cyberthreats

Receive alerts for any suspicious activity, making it easy to detect potential issues and quickly put a stop to any cyberattack.

Save time by
automating tasks

Ready-to-use controls, checks, dashboards and reports automate the monitoring of SAP system compliance or maintenance.

Automated audits
and compliance

Analyze and monitor SAP information and events to continuously audit the system and automatically create reports. Automated audits help identify system vulnerabilities and maintain compliance.

Works with
any SIEM

LogPoint for SAP makes it possible to integrate SAP with any of the leading SIEM providers, including LogPoint, Splunk, ArcSight, LogRhythm and QRadar.

What is SIEM?

Security information and event management, or SIEM, aggregates data from multiple systems and analyzes it to detect abnormal behavior or potential cyberattacks. SIEM tools provide a central place to collect events and alerts making it easier to monitor and troubleshoot your IT infrastructure in real-time.


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