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Shred, Mix & Distribute Your Critical Data In The Cloud

“ShardSecure has the ability to protect data with less overhead than standard encryption or need to modify applications, and support for multiple cloud offerings as well as Box and Dropbox.”

- Garret Bekker, 451 Research


You may not be able to make the cloud more secure for your data, but you can make your data more secure for the cloud. ShardSecure’s Microshard technology essentially makes your sensitive data unsensitive and undesirable to unauthorized users.

ShardSecure lets you easily and securely enjoy the benefits of cloud adoption without surrendering control of your data. The engine desensitizes sensitive data in multi-cloud, hybrid-cloud, and private cloud environments while reducing management complexity and improving operational resiliency.

How it works: The ShardSecure Engine’s 4 Step Process

Your data is everywhere: in applications, in databases, and on servers. ShardSecure acts like a native storage solution regardless of where your data exists.

Key Benefits of ShardSecure

Improves data

Your users can still work with their Microshard files even when a storage location is unavailable.

Simplifies your storage migration

Move Microshard data easily among any of your storage location with four clicks.

Controls your sensitive data anywhere

Microshard data is incomplete and unintelligible to unauthorized users.

Reduces available
attack surface

Distributed Microshard data drastically reduces available attack surface of your IT environment.

Rolls back cloud-based ransomware

Microshard data is subjected to integrity checks when written to and when retrieved from storage. If a discrepancy is detected during these checks, unauthorized modifications such as encryption by ransomware or deletions are restored to their last known good state.

Improves your cloud workload performance

Microshard data is written in smaller pieces to multiple storage locations in parallel.


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