Defining the Artof Cybersecurity

The trend toward remote work has been growing in recent years and the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the move to offsite work into warp speed. As offices were closed and more people moved offsite, their reliance on email increased exponentially. One study showed that email communication increased by 24% during the pandemic.[1]

As email traffic grew, so did the opportunity for threat actors. One report said that eight of 10 organizations around the world had experienced an email phishing attack since March 2020. Almost 25 percent of all data breaches involve phishing and 85 percent of data breaches involve some human element.[2]

The vulnerability of emails to your IT security often lies in their complexity. If you are like many organizations, you are saddled with multiple products and incompatible architectures which in many cases forces the disabling of Microsoft 0365’s native protection.

The Abnormal Solution

Next-generation email security can help slam the door on cyber criminals trying to break into your system through gaps in your email systems. With Abnormal, security teams eliminate redundant email gateways and enhance Microsoft’s built-in security capabilities. Once integrated via one-click API, Abnormal automatically profiles your VIPs and employees – their behavior, relationships, communication patterns, and typical tone and content shared.

6 Benefits of Abnormal Next-Generation Email Security

Abnormal email security provides six key benefits including:

    1. Highest-precision protection against all attacks that evade secure email gateways
    2. One-click deployment that integrates with no disruption
    3. Enhances Microsoft and Google security with behavioral AI
    4. Fully automates email triage, remediation, and reporting
    5. Eliminates the need for analysts to juggle between multiple dashboards to gather email security insights and reports
    6. Provides consumer-grade mail experience that stops spam digest and portals

Get more information on how Abnormal email security can help you slam the door on hackers.

DC Consulting is a leading provider of cybersecurity and digital infrastructure solutions that can help you implement the Abnormal email security solution. Through analytics, AI, and detection solutions, we help you know and sense your enemy before they strike. Through metrics, assessments, security controls, and frameworks, we ensure you know your organization and your overall risk exposure. By embracing disruptive technologies, we help you stay on the bleeding edge of innovation.

[1] Changes in Digital Communication During the COVID-19 Global Pandemic: Implications for Digital Inequality and Future Research, by Minh Hao Nguyen, Jonathan Gruber, Jaelle Fuchs, et al, Sage Journals, September 9, 2020.

[2] 50 Phishing Stats You Should Know in 2022, by Caitlin Jones, Expert Insights, January 18, 2022.

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